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Morpheus explains what is the matrix
It's all about our world today.





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Mary Elizabeth Croft Your remedy Now !

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The Religon of White Supremacy Exposed   



Taj Terik Bey 

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 Does  anyone know what Time it Is  2014  Listen


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The Religion Of White Supremacy is the latest follow up film to the critically acclaimed hit documentary series Hidden Colors. In this installment of the Hidden Colors series, the film explores topics such as: The motivation behind European global subjugation The history of rarely discussed vast West African empires How germ warfare is used on melanated people The history of slave breeding farms in America And much more.


Jonah Bey  Yusef El Webinars Available 
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THESE ARE THE FACTS OF LAW ! if I am wrong I will TRIPLE Your $$$ back , after reading this their will be No denying this . get yours Now there going fast this Publication is Priceless , Please share it in order to help others .
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There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.
Price: $5.00


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Civil law Sabir Bey
If you truly want to inner stand law and win then you have come to the right place by Moorish Scholar Sabir Bey here he shows you all the codes and give a better inner standing as to what they mean , and how to use them . DO NOT LET ANY OF HIS DVDS GET BY YOU !
Price: $22.00
The Iceman Inheritance
Their will be no denying the facts after watching this , learn the true origin of the Caucasian from Europe , learn and study their true nature Exposed here .I highly recommend this Dvd five Stars *****
Price: $15.00
Learn the true law and how there laws on the books Black Codes that are their to be used against you and what they mean and how to counter them . You will learn and receive an education on how to counter all their laws, They do not apply to you . All of Sabirs Dvds are a 10 you should have all of them after viewing them you will inner stand I highly recommend all of them .
Price: $21.00
IRS Manual Win !

These Dvds are worth their weight in Gold why ? because here will finally find the answers to most of your questions as to how the system was set up and as to how there running it . Each Dvd is 2 hrs in length and you are about to learn true history . Do not let this one pass you by I highly recommend it . Five Stars *****
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 WHY do we call Women Bitches and MenDOGS ! Listen   Do Not Miss this !

Hidden Colors

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Issuing Bonds for profit on prisoners has finally been deciphered.
Why do we have a rise in prosecution for non-violent crimes?
As soon as your social security number hits the system, there is
Someone buying a Bond in your name that accrues interest the longer you
Sit in jail.. 
The courts are operating under Statute Law. A “Statute” is defined in
Bond or obligation of record, being an abbreviation for “statute
Merchant” or “statute staple.”
Statute –merchant = is defined as a security for a debt acknowledged
to be due, entered into before the chief magistrate of some trading
town, pursuant to the statute 13 Edward I. De Mercatoribus, by which
not only the body of the debtor might be imprisoned, and his goods
seized in satisfaction of the debt, but also his lands might be delivered
to the creditor till out of the rents and profits of them the debt be
satisfied.  We settle your court case for You in the Private , we get it Done ! Contact me any time Please share this in order to help as many of our people as we can You Know we are being targeted everyday ...

After viewing this you have them right where you want them , Combined with the CD their is No Where to hide THEY ARE TOAST ! Learn how Administrative Procedure works the gurus have all deceived You, So question who do they really work for ? I will sign an Affidavit I am not an AGENT ! here are the Facts while they Last Order yours Now ! You will need Both the Dvd, CD as well together their is no stopping you , loans, foreclosure any debt once you inner stand the basics you will learn so much . Please read : this is not legal advice for legal advice consult an Attorney .
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Learn Your ABC'S Pay all Debts Learn how !
  Privately  65.00 On this 2 Set Dvd the Cd is Available Now

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Matrixx Cd
Please read this CD will explain and show you the way on how to work in the system , YOU will need Both the Cd & Dvd you will see the Forms YOU WILL NEED on the Dvd and You must study this is not legal advice , This Cd does not have artwork what you are Paying for is the information you will not be disappointed .
Price: $45.00

Drivers license Fraud 1 Taj Terik Bey
yes they don't get any better than this , this series of Drivers license fraud is off the Chart I highly recommend them Five stars *****
Price: $23.00

The Niger Industry Taj Terik Bey
Here Taj Exposes the Niger industry yes after viewing this you will get a better inner standing as to what is truly going on right before your very own eyes . we are targeted everyday when traveling they live off us , we are the majority and do not even know this . there so much information on this Dvd rare hard to find sold here on the Matrix were we strive to expose the truth !
Price: $21.00

Drivers license fraud 2 Taj Terik Bey
Here is one of the best of his series on the Drivers license & an Extra of My choosing
Price: $22.00

The Prophet Nobel Drew Ali
Yes here is the man who created the Form 1099 they have tried to surpress his legacy since the Bankruptcy of The UNITED STATES CORPORATION ! learn the true facts here until recently The City of CHICAGO finally recognized him and appointed Nobel Drew Ali day a must have .
Price: $18.00

Morrish triple Threat
Noble Drew Ali , Confessions of a Moorish legacy Rick Smith , Yaffa Bey the Fall of Rome after viewing these Dvds you will learn true History , the true meaning of words and how to really use your dictionary all Exposed here on the Matrixx Site , feel free to copy and share them Knowledge is King !
Price: $35.00

Marcus Garvey
In an age when their was no internet Marcus Garvey was World renowned see he his accomplishments and failures here, this Documentary Is very enlightening . Marcus Garvey was a head of his time we should all be Proud and yet all our true great leaders are omitted from our history Books . just ask yourself why ?
Price: $16.00

This is the original in the series and it will really get you thinking it covers many topics Do Not Miss This ! Only You can decide what is real , fact from fiction . Copy and share it , Follow the yellow brick road ...
Price: $5.00

This one will really get you thinking a must watch people really react after seeing the Zeitgeist series , once again a must watch made affordable
Price: $5.00

The Mayan calender Come North
This is a 2 1/2 Hr lecture by none other than Ian Xel Lundgold , Ian really goes into an in depth explanation of the Mayan Calender Ians lectures are some of the best ever produced ! , you have my word on this . May you rest in Peace my sweet Prince ...
Price: $15.00

It's just an Illusion John Harris
See how john dealt with the Crown and challenged them and Won , this is a real feel good Dvd Made affordable .
Price: $7.00

Demockery Robert Menard
This is another Awesome lecture by Freeman on the Land Robert Menard I highly recommend all his Dvds . This Dvd comes in a Paper sleeve with artwork like new, sold at a much higher Price .
Price: $15.00

Bursting Bubles of goverment Deception
This another Lecture by Robert Menard Freeman on the land here he breaks down the system after watching this you will have a better inner standing as to what is truly going . Five Stars *****
Price: $15.00

Security of the Person
This is another great lecture by Robert Menard learn about what a PERSON is in law their is so much information here to be learned a must have , they are all great . Most Dvds come in Paper sleeves. Purchase all Four and get them discounted .
Price: $15.00

The Magnificent Deception
This is an awesome lecture by none other than Robert Menard a true freeman who founded the movement this Dvd sells for over 35.00 elsewhere
Price: $15.00

The Matrixx By Ralph Smart
Your going to love this Dvd by Ralph Smart of Infinite it goes deep into the Matrix , the Matrix is a system to keep every , Man , Woman , Child in Bondage . The graphics , the music are awesome Five stars thank you Ralph
Price: $10.00

This explains in detail how it was all done to all of us at birth , and Parents today continue to remain in ignorance and enslaved their children . It is time to wake up learn how to get out and take control of your destiny by capturing your berth certificate , and no I did not spell it wrong . What you are about to learn is the truth and how to take control . please share this in oder to help free others that choose to be free .
Price: $20.00

Frank O'Collins Roman Law
Study and learn from a direct insider Frank O'Collins Exposes them all . Learn the True meaning of the Papal Bull , and how it affects every man , woman , Child the hidden hand this is a must watch ! Please feel free to copy and share it . Follow the yellow brick road
Price: $21.00
THESE ARE THE FACTS OF LAW , If I am WRONG I will TRIPLE YOUR $$$ Back ! once You read this their will be No Denying this Get Yours while you can made easy to inner stand , Please share this in order to help others , the IRS is Your friend !
Price: $22.00

The making of the troglodyte
Here it is Exposed this combined with the iceman inheritance their is No denying it , the true nature of the European you will see their true habits, I warn you some of the scenes are graphic so hold on to your seat but this is their true nature . Please share this with as many people as you can this is what they are hiding . Follow the yellow brick road ...
Price: $20.00

This is a 10 YOU must have this in order to inner stand Your TRUST and Yes You have one get up off Your Assets get this Now these Dvds are So Powerful after Viewing them You will start to awaken to the truth the hidden hand Exposed ! their is No fear you answer Only to your creator time to AWAKEN . Learn how and stay on our site go to and L@@K read for Those with thick Sculls I have done all the research for You ! , so what are you waiting For ?
Price: $22.00

Is this your STRAWMAN ? & AN EXTRA
What did he say ? yes I asked a question learn how it was done from inception , we all have one and never even knew it , how clever well want to solve the puzzle we all know something is just not right , well here is your Answer ! learn about Edward Mandell House Plausible Deny ability , here again is the hidden hand Exposed ! and i will continue to Provide You with all the Proof , i have done My Part Now it is up to YOU !
Price: $25.00

Here we go more occult knowledge by the time I am done with you , yes you will be an ADEPT , A scholar you will be able to decipher everything that has been encoded , hidden in plain site learn your remedy here on this Dvd and our site as you start realize the Value of what i am teaching please return the favor and send others here to be ENLIGHTEND as well come into the light ...
Price: $21.00

Here we will find the Supreme Court decisions are YOU traveling ?, or Driving ? , well ladies and germs yes their is a difference do you know ? here you will find the codes to go into any court room and Win ! No STATE can Take a right , turn it into a Privilege license it and charge a fee and in doing So You have the Right to operate with IMPUNITY ! Don't believe me when you Purchase this DVD do your research if I am Wrong EXPOSE ME , you are going to love this site . Please share and tell others , help me to help YOU by sharing ...
Price: $20.00


YES THIS WORKS ! , and unfortunately Brett IS STILL IN CUSTODY AT PRESENT . I ask everyone to keep him in our PRAYERS here we are in this time and place trying to awaken the masses and it is Working ! , DO NOT BELIEVE the Tell Lie Vision because I want everyone to have this here we go 7.00
Price: $20.00

Here is a seminar on how to Pay off , your Mortgage , Cars , Debts . this has been done and are facts of law but You must learn your Process . Please read : Fred and Nina were Exposed the Process works ! but they Scammed many an individual their is no need to ever cheat anyone always remain in Honor , if you can not do this Please do not frequent this site only Nobles Please .
Price: $25.00

Credit Repair Now
These are 4 Data Dvds that nail them dead in their tracks ! , Learn your Administrative Procedure , what they don't want you to learn all liability is on them . Learn to beat 3rd Party Debt Collectors , repair your credit once you learn this their is No stopping You this Dvd is worth every cent , you will get your return within your first process help others and earn as well . Always remain in Honor ! Please read : For Entertainment purposes only Right ? this is Not Legal advice for Legal advice consult the proper consul .
Price: $350.00
This Dvd has it all, over 19 Videos Contracts, Traffic Tickets, UCC1, Commercial Liens, Know your rights in Court, The Copy Right , PDF'S , Mary Crofts Book , Templates . Learn your Administrative Procedure made easy to inner stand this Dvd is Valued at over 450.00 if Purchased separately learn your Administrative Procedure Now made easy to inner stand , and affordable this is the Beginning of the End for the opposing Side
Price: $95.00

UCADIA Frank O'Collins
Learn ROMAN LAW by an insider this a definite must have what you are about to learn is what is being taught at the VATICAN EXPOSED once you start to study their will be no turning Back , please feel free to copy and share it .
Price: $25.00

Dean Cliffords Crown laws birth certificate Scam
Dean goes into an in depth explanation of the creation of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE scam after viewing this their will be no denying it on this 2 set dvd, facts of law .Five Strar *****
Price: $23.00
Triple threat Special
Here are 3 Dvds that will rock you Postal technology how to use the UPU , Universal Postal Union, thrid Party debt Collectors and how to handle them, The IRS is a CORPORATION these are the facts ! and here is your remedy, know of someone having issues well here is your remedy what they don't want You to know .
Price: $35.00

Blacks Law Dictionary
This is a lecture by none other than Queen Vallahara learn legal ease the words that are being spoken in the court room . This Dvd will really enlighten you Five Star*****
Price: $17.00

How to take our country back !
This Dvd will expose the truth as to how the 16 Amendment was never ratified , do you even know what this means ? , No taxes he goes into the archives and proves everything he is saying with facts of law ! , he even shows you who , what , where , and when .5 star !
Price: $19.00

Here you will learn what words really mean , and how to use a Dictionary here lies the deception right before your very eyes . Most of us went to grammar School which is really Wicken and is GRIMWA school and learned from the Book of WICKEN Spells , And then you learn cursive writing . Now do you start to see what is truly going on ?
Price: $23.00

The Matrix By Phil Valentine
This is one of his Best hands down a classic rare hard to find . you don't want to miss this you will find some of his best material in this lecture Five Stars ***** if you purchase we will send you an extra
Price: $25.00

The Tree Of Life Phil Valentine
Dr. Phil Valentine does it again as only he can this is a rare hard to find Dvd , you will find occult knowledge what has been hidden from you in plain site sacred geometry this is encoded in our DNA and yes it is the time of enlightenment . Wake up Now ! If you purchase this we will even send you an extra .
Price: $27.00

The Wounded Womb rare hard to find
Dr. Phil Valentine breaks it all down as only he can you are about to go into a different dimension knowledge is Power i highly recommend this Dvd on a Scale of 1-10 , a 20 !
Price: $27.00
The Wounded Womb Series 2, 3 , 4
You are about to get some of the most vital information to date please copy and share this, Stop watching your Tell Lie Vision , and learn what has been done to most of us and continues to occur because of ignorance this set is Priceless , after viewing this you will have a better inner standing as what the Matrix is .
Price: $45.00

The Book They Never Wanted You to Read !
This information will bring you into the light by Che Nazzerith , you will learn the UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION that is insolvent , learn the truth and how to survive the court system it is all explained here another must have Dvd worth every cent Rare hard to find .
Price: $25.00
Drivers license fraud , Taj Terik Bey
As explained by the Noble Taj Terik Bey , he explains in detai l the difference between unalienable rights , and benefits , and privileges are you driving or traveling ? these are the questions You must ask ! driving is a commercial Venue , Commerce, Business.
Price: $25.00

Drivers License Fraud 2 it just keeps getting better here you have Taj Terik Bey breaking it down again as only this true scholar can he will go deeper into other topics as well this Dvd is rare hard to find made affordable Please share it in order to help others .
Price: $25.00

Kill them with paper work !
This Dvd will aide you in court learn your remedy NOW ! comes with artwork and Dvd case .
Price: $22.00
A4V learn your Process
This is seminar by Brandon Hall of creditors in commerce , like new comes in a plastic sleeve over 2 hrs of information , your going to love this . Share it in order to help others find their remedy this is a 2 set Dvd .
Price: $35.00
Stocks and Blondes
Follow the yellow brick road , this Dvd will lead you right to it How much are you worth ? and . Where to find the Value of your birth certificate . it is time for everyone to awaken .
Price: $25.00
Surety and Escrow
Another seminar by creditors in Commerce Brandon Hall these Dvds will give you the true meaning of law , learn how to handle your affairs , like new comes in plastic sleeves .
Price: $25.00
Money as Debt 1, 2, 3
This Dvd is animated and contains all 3 films made affordable easy to grasp . please share it in order to teach others , what you will not learn in any public school .
Price: $12.00
Santos Bonacci Lawful Awakening
Another great lecture by Santos we have one of the largest selections of Santos works . I just can not get enough this man has so much knowledge to share , i know you will agree , do not let this one get by you .
Price: $20.00

Here is an interview with an insider his information can not be denied he also has a web site he provides and a Book , I have mine and it contains so much info everyone should read this and share it in order to put an end to this . I want everyone to have one Moderately Priced only 5.00 + shipping
Price: $5.00

Mercury under cover
This Dvd exposes the truth about mercury are you eating mercury by products ? , I know you are and don't even know it . learn how to protect your loved ones this goes into many topics , Sold at a much higher Price made affordable this is a must watch , please share it in order to help as many people as you can
Price: $10.00

The beautiful truth
watch how this young man goes on a quest to find answers as how his mother died of cancer and what he finds , and yes there cures , you will see scientific proof on how Mercury filings are a grave danger to your health . See threw the eyes of an infrared film how and when you are given an exam at a dental office how gases are released that endanger everyones health a must watch because you will not believe this . it is everyones responsibilty to share this in order to save lives . Once again made affordable in order to get the word out .
Price: $13.00

This will expose what has been hidden from the public for years , and there many more Dvds on this topic do not take my word for it go into any search engine and do your research .
Price: $7.00

Burzynski CANCER is Serious Business
Cancer and it's remedies are put on trial here Exposed people really need to watch this copy and share it in order to help as many people as we can , this is done with love and respect made affordable so everyone can get a copy . Please feel free to copy and share it
Price: $10.00

Santos is at it again and Exposes that this bloddline still continues today , who they are , and where it is all coming from there not going to like this . This is occult knowledge and everyone must learn this please feel free to copy and share this information .
Price: $15.00
Jordan Maxwells The Dawn New Day
Here is Jordan bringing them into the light as only jordan does Symbolism exposed and how it is being done right before your EYES in AMERICA , and around the World ! , all the isims Communism ,
Price: $9.00
Jordan Maxwell Close Encounters
A conversation with jordan Maxwell this is excellent I really enjoyed this Dvd and you will too . jordan explains how he was approached very interesting you do not want to miss this .
Price: $15.00
Jordan Maxwells Slide Show
Jordan goes into more in depth explanation on what is actually going on around us this Dvd is excellent as well , please share it
Price: $15.00
Jordan get an assist from Jason listen to how they operate in commerce the courts , the judges a lot of great info . This is a rare hard to find Dvd
Price: $15.00
The naked truth will expose religion they are just beliefs , a belief system and that is exactly what it is a SYSTEM a lot of great info as only Jordan can site it
Price: $15.00

Nutrition and behavior
This is a lecture by Dr. Russell Blaylock the title says it all yes you are what you eat . Here you will find what types of food you should , and should not eat made easy to to inner stand this should be a must watch for everyone I highly recommend this Dvd 5 star *****
Price: $15.00
Healing Colors
I use this Product so I will recommend it , just place it in your Dvd Player set it and watch the colors and listen to the music , we are all effected by sound and color Vibration a great way to relax enjoy and share it
Price: $13.00
Free Rx 50-75% Off Prescriptions
Please Do Not Add This To Your Cart Scroll to the card Image click on it and request all the cards you wish , or if someone is in Immediate need just Print yours Now Totally Free Never Expires but you must always ask for Generic that is the key they WORK !
Price: $0.01
Yes here it is the cure for diabetes this Dvd will prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that diabetes is cured and how to do it , watch a small group of individuals threw their trials , who will make it threw the program up close and personal .
Price: $10.00

Here Santos along with a few other scholars discuss what is currently happening and it is all good news I have made this affordable this is a feel good Dvd Please copy and share it in order to awaken everyone to the truth come into the light .
Price: $12.00
This series is a must have for everyone ! Do not doubt me on this you are going to love these Dvds . Please read : these Dvds currently have No artwork but what you are about to learn will rock you , please copy and share this information in order to help others .
Price: $10.00
Learn how this CORPORATION operates from your food to pesticides one of thee most ominus CORPORATIONS on planet earth , everyone needs to learn this .
Price: $7.00

Beating traffic tickets learn about this topic and when you make your purchase remind us and we will send you a rare hard to find PDF on this , learn how to Win ! You are traveling Not Driving
Price: $15.00
This is a must have Dvd , do not doubt me on this I am not here to waste your time you will learn the true facts of law ! , as explained by Sabir Bey a true scholar . I would choose him over any attorney period . learn why you are an outlaw , and what the term really means . I highly recommend all his lectures there 4 and counting .
Price: $25.00

As explained by none other than G Edward Griffin himself who wrote the Book , this is truly great information please fell free to copy and share it in order to get the information out to as many people as we can.
Price: $10.00

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View your Mayan Sun Signs here  
 In  loving Memory of Ian Xel Lungold  January 26, 1949 - November 16, 2005 
the creator of  the Mayan Calender Converter get  your calender The Mayan calender explained a must watch ! ****Excellent 3hrs 13.00
Youwant remedyA4V here !  Password: methis  The UNITED STATEIS NOT A Country , it's a CORPORATION !
The 3 WISE MEN  !

<--- CLICK HERE See who is really Behind the CURTAIN  this is what is being HIDDEN form you !   
    Moors law ! watch this !
       Priority Watch ! and share ! 20.00

What you ! Need to know!
Blacks Law / Moorish Law Dealing With the Courts pt1 12.00

Compiled by G. Edward Griffin
  The reality zone

Learn what you are up                                   against !
<---- click here

               THE CROW HOUSE
                              Whyt                                                                                                                              Health  
The TRUTHAbout Artificial SWEENTNERS                                             L@@K    
                     As AMERICANSwe are being laughed at , and  everyone is laughing But US !

Drivers License fraud  25.00

Drivers License IRS Publication
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