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Batman Complete TV Series all 120 Episodes
This is one of , if not thee best Batman series on the Net . No Brag just fact ! L@@K and compare look at our artwork send us an Email and we will send you an attachment , and you can compare with 3D easy to find Interactive Menus for your viewing Pleasure this set is off the chart ! includes the crossover Episode with The Green Hornet , and Kato !
Price: $58.00


The Green Hornet Complete Tv Series
The Green Hornet Complete tv Series all 26 Episodes with 3D easy to find interactive Menus for your Viewing Pleasure laserd inkjet Dvds with Stellar artwork .
Price: $39.00

Starring Robert Logia a rare hard to find series , this is the story of an Ex high wire circus Preformer , Ex Cat burglar , Now body guard , into the night comes Thomas Heward Edward Cat .
Price: $25.00

                          55.00 While supplies last 

Peter Gunn Set 1 16 Episodes
Starring Craig Stevens a classic this is still a great show even today
Price: $21.00

Peter Gunn TV Series Set 2 16 Episodes
Peter Gunn Tv Series starring Craig Stevens New .
Price: $21.00

Flying Disc Man From Mars
This is a 12 chapter cliff hanger Serial of yesteryear . A strange craft spying on industrialist Bryant's plant is brought down by Bryant's new atomic ray. Bryant meets the one and only survivor ... Mota from the planet Mars , Mota enlists Bryant a former Nazi in a plot to bring earth under it's rule , none stop action in every episode that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat .
Price: $10.00

King of the Rocketmen
This is a republic ( 1949 ) Serial Starring : Tristen Coffin . As usual this is a none stop action thriller these serials were ahead of their time this one is a classic collectors item .
Price: $10.00

This is the original Batman Movie serial that was viewed in Movie theaters of yesteryear action packed these are rare hard to find serials and are Public domain , They come with artwork on the inserts only , and are on plain Dvds copy and share them .
Price: $10.00

SUPERFLY STARING THEE INCOMPARABLE Ron O'Neal the original a classic Five star I highly recommend it ! , when Brothers held their ground against all odds and acted like real men ! Please read :This dvd comes in a Paper sleeve their is No Dvd case
Price: $7.00

Hit Man
This is the original staring Bernie Casey a must have for every collection 5 Stars I highly recommend it . Comes in the original sealed Dvd case sold for a much higher price elsewhere
Price: $17.00

Trouble Man
Here is the original Mr. T Robert Hooks when we looked up to our brothers this Dvd is highly recommended as well 5 stars in time you learn to trust my judgement Please read : this dvd comes in a paper sleeve .
Price: $7.00

The SPOOK Who Sat By the Door
See how one of our brothers moves up the ranks as a government agent and secretly trains our brothers on urban warfare , and now it is time to take back our streets ! Purchase our bundle 8 Dvds 55.00 You can not find a better Price on the Net !
Price: $9.00
This is another classic four stars **** Purchase our bundle 8 Dvds 55.00 you can not find a better deal any where on the Net
Price: $9.00
The Mack
The good old days Max julien is the Mack a classic this Dvd comes in a paper Sleeve . purchase our bundle of 8 dvds for 55.00 it does not better than this ! Sold separately
Price: $9.00
They Live !
This Movie stars Rody Roudy Piper this is a classic they were showing how it is all in plain site in Subliminal messages OBEY ! do you know the difference from fact , or fiction ?
Price: $6.00
ACROSS 110st
This is another great movie classic staring Anthony Quinn , Yaphett Koto they don't make them like any more
Price: $9.00

These are two of the slickest Con men two brothers , but one is white watch them as they set their con but there some surprise in store for even them
Price: $9.00


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