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UCC REMEDIES Know what you are siging

know what you are signing

Regarding the U.C.C.s

by Taj Tarik Bey

     Keep in mind that the ‘Commercial Codes’ essentially and factually means, ‘Codes for Trafficking’ and ‘To carry on Trade’.  My first question to you is, “Do you have a clear understanding of what Birthrights and Unalienable Rights are?” Are you aware that Unalienable Rights cannot be transferred to, or sold to, another? Commercial Codes did not become ‘Uniform’ until about 1968, with Texas State Republic officials bowing to pressure and agreeing to play the ‘State of Texas’ fraud game of ‘Commercializing or ‘Trading the natural peoples’ Rights, in collusion with the other compromised State Officials and Politicians.  I suggest you study and enforce the constitution for the United states Republic of North America, and enforce the Laws relative to your Nationality and Birthrights.

Also keep in mind that the Constitution for the United States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land; and is derived from Ancient Moorish Jurisprudence.  U.S. Demo-Politicians, educators, and many other corporate persons, operating at North America, (are members of the ‘Demos’; are subversives and against the Constitution; having no allegiance to the Republic! They do not want you or any other Aboriginals or citizens to be cognizant of this binding fact.  Verily, many of the officers of the various Ministerial Courts / Tribunals (not constitutionally -sanctioned) are traitorous Racketeers, who are (working together with others) to rob and to steal from the Natural People.  They are using their (bought and sold) ‘Seats in Government’ to enforce fraudulent, private, ‘Color – of – Law’; and systematically connive to substitute the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’ with their foreign corporate policies and ordinances. This is at the root of most of the common peoples’ economic problems, and the current ‘lack of due process’ railroading that is used to feed the Penal Industry. Many of the politicians (and Judges of the Ministerial courts) have invested interests in these profitable domestic P.O.W. Camps / Prisons and Jails.       
These anti-Republic institutions, and the colorable acts of these officers, are constructed to cause injury; and to place their fraud – based, and non-substantive, implied contract - originating debts upon the Natural People.  Now that they (European occupiers) are aware of the Natural People becoming aware of the truth about Nationality and Birthrights, some of them have been promoting the use of the Uniform Commercial Codes (U.C.C.s) as a remedy for attaining sovereignty. Logically, anyone and everyone should be educated in the areas of ‘Contract Law’, due to the fact that we ‘contract’ every day in some form or another, when we are interchanging with others.  However, I will remind you and others to recognize the integrity of the Nation, that the Sovereignty that many of the Europeans are arguing over is not their own, but is (actually) the Sovereign Rights of the Aboriginal and Indigenous Moors, whom the Europeans have colonized and usurped. The misrepresenting Europeans are debating among themselves with their corrupt rulers, who have (in cabal with them) robbed the Moors of their Lands and of their Birthrights. This Land (Amexem / Africa / Americas) is not Europe; and the Sovereign Powers over the Land and the Resources are not theirs, and never was theirs to possess, nor to claim Jurisdiction over! Their claims are all of a corporate – fiction character, artificially – created on paper, and fraudulently propagated to the world! Their success has root in blind faith and fiction altogether!  The present, Fiat-corrupted, fake-economic political conditions, the defrauding of the people of the United States and the world, etc., arises from their foul, entrenched Inquisition policies. They know this, and work diligently to keep these Masonic secrets from you, the rightful Heirs! Their inner-working conflicts over our Silver, Gold, and Commerce, reflects a truth that the divided and conniving thieves among them are bickering over ill-gotten Booty and Prize spoils; and are seeking moral arguments over Escheated Hereditaments. Let this first be made clear to all Moorish - Americans!  This is your lost estate!  The Land, the Gold, the Silver, and the Commerce belong only to the true, Primogeniture Heir citizens of the Land, and to them alone!  Nationalize! As for the U.C.C.s, know that Section 8 and Section 2 relates to those important aspect, which govern ‘Securities’. Most of the people who sell U.C.C. packages to the unstudied among us, usually fail to emphasize this important fact! They will usually put highlights on Sections 1 and 3.  However, always remember this:
     A U.C.C. 1 is to be filed only by one who (in commerce) already has a valid contract in the first instance! If this is not the pre-condition, then one has just created the jurisdiction of commercial trade of self (Personum Jurisdiction), which is not the intended outcome of the chosen U.C.C. initiated action. In due course of time, all instruments (built upon the fraud must fail). Declare your Nationality and enforce the Constitution!  The seller gets your limited ‘energy regulating bookkeeping certificates’ (Fiat), and the corrupt corporate – State operative get windfall profits in filing fees. Tell me now, who has the advantage?  Nationalize! Study all the aspects and implications of its political and social remedies!

     Disclaiming, Dissolutions, rescinding, is embodied in Nationalization.  In fact within your nationalization declaration and  judicial notice, you can include specific disclaimers.  Nationalization is a mindset, and MUST be realized FIRST in the mind.  A proper concept of mind must exist before it can be converted or translated into political activity and function in society.  You cannot go about dissolving contracts, disclaiming and rescinding signatures, 'acting' as a natural person, if you are still in a Corporate Person status and capacity, a Ward, an NBC (negro, black, colored).   This has been agreat part of the problem with the “paper chasers”.  Many have made proclamations, declarations, and disclaimers, by use of a papel statement, yet they possess not the National mindset, nor do they have the allegiance of their Nation, or the associated culture, rationale or nuance that reflects Nationhood.   Many don’t even invest in Nationhood, which is Unity, and many others think that everybody, somebody, owes them something, rather than seeing that they have a responsibility to themselves and civilization (social civic duties).  Therefore they cannot stand, reflect or defend the spirit and nature of both the history and the law that is reflected in the paperwork.  Upon your validated levels of consciousness, the lawful term“Nunc Pro Tunc”21 , which means “now for then”, comes into clearer purpose.  Just because "they" (state, corporate entities) created a Corporation and instruments attached to them, and refer to you as a Corporation (of which you have been accepting) does not mean you are a corporation.  In fact, your  judicial notice of national proclamation immediatelysays that you are not, or that you are no longer unconscious to their deceit regarding you, that you are awakened, and matters of the past, will and can be dealt with "nunc pro tunc" (now for then).  The moment you become conscious of who you are, you know who others are not, and that they have no lawful jurisdiction over your person  or your matters.  Their colorable activities, which have always been void at law,  become consciously void with you, and you then will act or demonstrate accordingly.  Fraud has no statute of limitation, therefore, everything that was done on your behalf, by others, can be withdrawn by YOU! 

  This is the power of Nationalization and application of the Law.  Nationalizing in its essence, disclaims subordinate instruments made against you.  However, it is reasonably necessary, at some point, to send a separate formal letter (Writ, Affidavit of Fact) which would be considered a Brief, to the individual entities, for the file, and "for the record" regarding your position on the matter(s) at hand, which can also be entered into a court, if, and when necessary.  Additionally and otherwise, in many cases, this is where “Notice to the Principle is "Notice to the Agent" and "Notice to the Agent is Notice Principle" applies.  These entities / Persons are in collusion with each other.  They are agents, speaking for each other, acting for the same end with each other, and have set up Agencies to administer their policy.  Policy, however, is NOT Law, although they will tell you it is.  If you were to ask them to provide the Law, (usually done in a 'writ Of Discovery"), they will not.  They may provide the policy(policy is ot law).  Hence, the enforcement, by you, of Article VI of the Constitution, wherein it says the states can make ordinances, statutes, and policies, but they cannot make any that abrogate the Supreme Law of the Land, of which within it, your substantive rights are protected and preserved.  The truth is by them making these colorable instruments, they are the ones who “Abrogate”22 the Law.      
     Upon study of Law, you will find that their “Policy” is to extract the life and resources from the people.  Read "Inter Caetera Divna", the Inquisitionist Intent.  Within the pages exist the clear and concise intent of the Conquest and purpose of colonization, here in North, South and Central America.  You, we, have not been free. You, we have been held to slavery.  Slavery has been bureaucratized.  We, then, have been “Bureaucratic slaves" frauduently.  That is just the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as documented throughout history and historical records and deeds. 
     Nationalizing is not enough, being a National is required in both your thinking (Allodial) and your deeds.  You must come out of the “victim mode”, and become victorious, as “victory is assured”, and can be effectuated almost overnight with the correct knowledge and information.  Knowledge is power, and being informed is the source of that power.   If you have not studied, do so.  If you have received a college education, and thus think you are educated, know that you have probably received a “collage” of misinformation, which  will not help you much in knowing the Law.  The Law is not complicated, and it protects the ignorant, and always provides remedy.  They have made it appear complicated because they operate with artificially injected complexities that have been placed over Law, giving it another complexion called “Color-of-Law”23, which means it is a semblance of that which is real, a semblance of Law, thus is not Law, certainly not positive law.  They act under “Color Of Office”24.

     The Law begins with you,  and is derived from Divine Law principles.  You are the Law, you taught the Law. It is  in your DNA.  Search for that which is in you already, and don’t buy into the Ancestral DNA testing that is supposedly designed to tell you where you alledgedly came from in Africa, so you can know who you are, and where you stand in the human family.  This (North, South, Central America) is West Africa.  Besides it has already been established that ALL DNA traces back to the “African/Moabite Woman”, the mother of all of humanity.  It is not to say that “all nations are within you, but to say that you are within all nations”.  Pull on and pour out, your cellular memory, thus you will trace yourself through even the ages, and then you will know.
Foot Notes Of Law Terms from "DISCLAIMER/ rescission of signature/dissolution"

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Jamilah El Dey on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 10:22 PM
Shalom I simply applaud this website. It is simply divine. Very educational and inspiration. Insha Allah
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Matrixx on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 3:56 PM
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kevin scaife-bey on Friday, May 22, 2015 9:16 AM
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Matrixx on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 3:58 PM
In answer to your question As above , So below we have Dvds we sell Privately on this topic , share ...

Chauncey Galberth on Thursday, August 20, 2015 9:59 PM
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Rhonda Horky on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 6:30 AM
assembly from concluded stairs will be not?
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jahkin on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 8:12 AM
I've been on an enlightenment quest.....the way I grew up I like to have a basic structure to go off of and this sites information has been found by me else where but I just don't know who to call or contact when it comes to this government who believe they run free sentient beings of the earth...I'm linking up with all melanated beings...contact me through my email
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Long on Thursday, June 30, 2016 4:08 PM
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Olivo on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 3:01 PM
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Grunwald on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 6:52 AM
Your way of describing tthe whole thing in this article is really nice, every one be capable of easly understand it, Thanks a lot.
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Treadway on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 2:46 PM
Hi every one, here every one is sharing such know-how, soo it's nice to read this webpage, and I uswd to go tto see this weblog every day.
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