Why Your all confused about the constitution
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Why Your all confused about the constitution

Everyone's Confusion with the constitution

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← Delaware US CorporationThe Father of FEMA CAMPS! →The Fourteenth Amendment Hoax – Judge Anna von Reitz Exposes the Fraudulent CongressPosted on April 25, 2015 by arnierosner Once in a while I take time to reply to especially wrong-headed and misinformed individuals.In this case, I was replying to a man who was convinced that the Fourteenth Amendment was the best thing since sliced bread and even Biblically sanctioned.t have a Fourteenth Amendment.Circa 1868 a Delaware Corporation doing business as the “United States of America (Inc.)published its own “constitution”— a corporate charter deceptively named “the Constitution of the United States of Americaprofit corporation, no such ratification process was required.acting secretively as a Board of Directors for the United States of America, Inc., approved it.And this is where the recent discussion of the Fourteenth Amendment takes off, with my opponent waxing eloquent about its supposed benefits and Biblical authority, and me answering:The Fourteenth Amendment may have been embraced with all the good intentions you describe, and yes, most of the public debate at the time it was adopted bears out your interpretation of the intention that most people embraced. I agree. That was the stated goal.However, as often happens, things got sidetracked and other agendas played out in reality.MEMORIAL TO CONGRESS — FOURTEENTH AND FIFTEENTH AMENDMENTS TO U.S. CONSTITUTION BE DECLARED VOID.to.Equal to What?the Natural Rights enjoyed by their white counterparts inhabiting the Continental United States. And enough people got mad enough about it to force the Congress to guarantee it, finally.Civil Rights.If I lose my claim to Natural Rights, the Congress is set free to reduce all rights owed to all people in both the Continental and Federal United States to the level of slaves in 17th century Haiti..“hypothecation.you as your agent, offers you and your resources to stand good for a Third Party. In this case, Federal United States Citizens and their property assets were offered as collateral backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc. by the members of Congress..of the Public Charitable Trust.This was a deal only bested by the theft of the land from the Native Americans.for the benefit of the United States of America, Inc., which was named the beneficiary of their estates.Sound familiar? It should.to take care of people in their old age.……Are you even dimly beginning to see the criminality that you have been part of and supporting?
The 14th Amendment didn’t free or ennoble anyone. It was a subtle vehicle for the exact opposite.
”Everyone knows that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, right? Look again.t abolish slavery. It made slavery a punishment for crime.it might conceive.”For Profit Prisons – CCA Contracts Keep Prisons Full and Profits Up – A government PPO?It is all fraud. All of it.of the estates of living people by a corporation, the effect of which was to create a reverse trust scam in which the corporation pretending to be the lawful government of the Federal United States named itself the beneficiary of the assets of the victims.and no valid contract between any American State Citizen past or present and the United States of America, Incorporated, nor any of its successors, including the UNITED STATES, INC., and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.in other words, they were forced to enroll under conditions of duress and deceit.These acts of fraud were clearly criminal in their intent and their affect. The perpetrators plundered and abused the public trust and the corporations responsible impersonated the actual government owed the People of the Continental United States for private gain. They did this throughout the former Commonwealth, most of Western Europe, parts of Asia and Africa.legal fictions created by the Roman Curia and intended to serve good purposes. By Maxim of Law, the Roman Curia is responsible for what it creates. In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI was fully informed and began action to correct. Pope Francis has continued the effort, and gave the perpetrators three years beginning July 1, 2013 to come into compliance with their charters.lawful governments have promoted all of this and more.s own credit and resources and sons and daughters against them.t make war with our employees. We fire them and we sue them and we expose them for what they are and what they have done.s First Apostolic Letter. The three year grace period is more than half spent, with precious little evidence of repentance or reform.Instead, the UNITED STATES, INC. (IMF) went insolvent as of April 15, 2015, and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. (FEDERAL RESERVE) is prepared to play the same old tricks again.In 1933, the United States of America, Inc., declared bankruptcy and falsely claimed that our estates were all chattel assets and Sureties backing its corporate debts. The UNITED STATES, INC. was booted up to provide governmental services during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Trustee named by the banks, the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, simply accepted any and all expenses the UNITED STATES, INC. presented and charged against our credit and passed the expenses through to us, the presumed Sureties. This provided the Members of Congress and their Banker Bosses unlimited credit on our accounts. They stole our identities and our credit cards and charged them to the hilt like any common Hacker.the National Credit.named after us, only now they are being defined as public transmitting utilities and the NAMES are styled like this: JOHN Q. PUBLIC.And we are being set up as marks again, by these international criminals.Is it time to wake up?Is it time to learn your own history?and the rest of the world as well?t owe the Federal United States anything, nor do we stand as Sureties for the debts of the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC.The people you have paid to protect you have failed you. It is not a coincidence that America has been kept constantly embroiled in one war after another for 222 out of 239 years of existence. It is not an accident that our industries never retooled after World War II, not is it a mistake that all our Top Ten Export Products benefit when the world is at war. War is big business and until we make it unprofitable, there will always be those perpetuating it.banks operating as criminal syndicates that have hired commercial mercenaries to protect themselves with your tax money, your credit, and your labor.the international Jurisdiction of the Sea. Tell Mr. Obama. Tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Tell your local bankers. Tell the Secretaries of the Treasury and the Judges and Bar Association Members.either to stop the fraud once and for all, or be recognized as perpetrators and accomplices to crime.

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